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We love all the photos.. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!Every night before we go to bed and when we wake up we look forward to browsing through them and being reminded of the beautiful day we had. It was honestly the best day of my life. Well, 2nd to the day I met my wife... B.G

We recieved the wedding album and we love it! The mini albums are so cute too. Thank you. Thank you. Lynn

You take the best pictures ever!!!I'm so happy that we did the "first look"! I was waiting all day to see Kyle and I LOVED the opportunity to see him for the first time by myself. Walking over to see him, I was both excited and nervous. When I think of it, I can actually still see his face turning around to see me. I can honestly tell you it is one of my most vivid and special memories of the whole day. It seems as though that was just about the only "alone time" we had which made it even more special. Having the opportunity to be together, talking and laughing helped me to get over any nervousness I had and be relaxed throughout the ceremony.If I had to do it all over, I would do it exactly the same way! Also, I think taking pictures ahead of time made everything seem less rushed and really gave us time to enjoy the cocktail hour and the rest of the night. It worked out especially well for us because of the rain! On another note, working with you was a delight! Your humor and easy going way made everything a lot of fun. We were at a wedding last night and I was thinking of you! For the most part, the photographers there were right in the midst of all the action all the time. During our wedding, I hardly saw you, not that I didn't want to of course, but I thought it was so nice that we didn't feel as though there were cameras around us the whole time. Thank you for that! I really appreciated it!

A million thanks for the package. It arrived safe and sound yesterday and we have had a great time looking thru all the photos, prints, DVD's and CD. Everything looks great! You got some great shots that I know we will enjoy for a lifetime, and that capture this time in our life. We really appreciated you coming out and photographing our "spirited" family. K.J

I had so much fun wondering around the ocean in a wedding dress. It was probably one of the funniest experiences of my life. You are so talented! L.R

WOW! I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you =)M.D

Hello the talented Leah,We are back from our honeymoon. We went to Italy and it was so much fun!!Brett and I were taking about our wedding during our honeymoon and we both agree that you were the best thing from our wedding vendors. Looked through the online gallery. Yahoo...yay!!! The pictures are GREAT! I love them all. I will talk to Brett this week and we will figure out what pictures we like for the album. All of our family and friends love the way you photograph. They all keep asking me for your name!!! : ) Thank you for everything again Leah!!Georgette

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